Admin Staff and PolActs

What are Admin Staff?

Admin Staff will assist in the running of the conference by note-passing and helping chairs in voting procedures in council. They thus have the opportunity to watch events in councils such as the East-Asia Summit and the United Nations Security Council unfold, where we look forward to impassioned discussions.

What are Political Actors?

Political Actors will be portraying individuals and leaders that are involved in the issues debated in respective councils. Some of our interesting topics include our Crisis: Singaporean Secret Societies, and Armed Conflict in Somalia discussed in the United Nations Security Council.

Political Actors will be brought into the Council to deliver either a quick skit, presentation or a speech, after which delegates will be able to ask them questions in their respective personas. Don’t worry if you do not have any acting experience! All PolActs will be trained by our Under-Secretary-General of Crisis, Guan Xiong, to understand how to portray their roles and how to answer questions posed by delegates.

For all Hwa Chong Institution (College) Students: To sign up as an admin staff or political actor, fill in our form by 3 May 2019, 2359h. Do note that if there are surplus of applicants, there will be a selection process for political actors.