Conference Schedule

Day One, 20 July 2020, Monday

0900-1300Committee Session 1
1500-1800Committee Session 2

Committee Session 1
Meet your friendly council chairs, who will be guiding you through these one and a half days as you discover more about global affairs and develop your public speaking skills. After a training module, you’ll begin discussing your council topic.

Committee Session 2
Continue unraveling the nuances of your topic by representing a country and debating with other delegates. Along the way you’ll have the chance to make friends and have fun.

Day Two, 21 July 2020, Tuesday

0900-1300Committee Session 3

Committee Session 3
Work towards reaching a resolution on the issue being discussed, or perhaps even be immersed into a developing global crisis. Race against the clock to put aside your differences with other delegates and find a common solution.