HCCRI 2020 offers a total of 4 single delegate councils and 1 crisis council. Our councils have been designed to provide an immersive experience for first time delegates while keeping old hands engaged. Delegates will be able to indicate their council preferences in the registration form.

Disarmament and International Security Committee

DISEC is the first committee of the United Nations General Assembly, the only body in the UN with a permanent representative from every member. Delegates will hence be challenged to work with an incredibly diverse range of perspectives to find solutions that can build global consensus. It promises a rigorous, yet low-pressure introduction to MUN under the guidance of friendly chairs.

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

The United Nations Committee for the Status of Women occupies a central role in the global quest for gender equality. It is the platform where nations bring to the table the various roles women suffer from systemic discrimination, oppression, and inequality; and make normative judgements on which goals and problems to prioritise. This contention in both problem and solution is evident in the topics of the Question of Female Education and the Question of Sexual Crimes in Post-Conflict Situations. Delegates would get a chance to grapple with the struggle of trying to fight for women’s rights in an arena of scarce resources — and political capital.

United Nations Security Council

Despite being the smallest of the UN organs, the UNSC is often touted as one of the most rigorous experiences MUN can offer. Delegates are tested on their ability to navigate competing interests, and are tasked to forward their stance at any cost. HCCRI’s UNSC takes this a step further, and asks delegates to go beyond the topics to engage with the principles behind them.

The Chongqing Negotiations

As part of the conference ethos of breaking boundaries to stretch participants, HCCRI this year offers an exciting and unparalleled experience. Set in post-World War II China, delegates represent participants at a formative moment in China’s history, trying to knit together the fragments of a broken nation. The effects of their actions are further simulated across the next few decades, creating an immersive and interactive situation that delegates must continually respond to.

Crisis Cabinet

The Crisis Topic will be disseminated at a later date.

The Crisis council is a specialised council that pits delegates against time, calamitous events, and each other. Delegates here submit directives instead of resolutions, taking actions with real-time and tangible effects. Will delegates strive for lofty teamwork to overcome challenges, or will they seek to exploit the chaos as a ladder for personal advancement? The Crisis council promises to engage and push delegates to their very limits.