Secretary-General (Internal): Alan

By leaving out the humongous, double-digit number of prestigious conferences he has attended, or awards he has gained, or experiences as anything ranging from chair, admin, to secretariat member, Alan thinks that he will distinguish himself from the archetype of the inexorably common garden variety, “alpha big brain munner-debater who overuses the sentence, ‘I’m going to leave the circuit after this.’” Unfortunately, he crawls back every time, presumably gaining some humility in the process. This is despite the fact that he is probably too old for school conferences, which makes his occasional lack of maturity puzzling. Though he claims that he “can’t stand running MUNs/seeing the catastrophic fashion sense and demeanor of his USG Acads”, he will have you know that he, alongside the Secretariat, shall make HCCRI 2019 a shining beacon of hope for the Singaporean pre-university circuit, and deliver an unforgettable conference experience to all present.

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