Hwa Chong Conflict Resolution & Inquiry (HCCRI) is an annual Model United Nations conference organised and hosted by the Humanities and Current Affairs Society (HACAS) of Hwa Chong Institution.

HCCRI has come a long way since being launched in 2011, growing to become one of the most prominent and prestigious conferences in the Singapore high school and pre-university MUN circuit. Our committees are recognised for their high academic rigour and quality, which inspire thoughtful discourse and challenging debate.

This year’s HCCRI is bolder and more original than ever, bringing one of Singapore’s premier MUN conferences online. Over 1 ½ days, delegates can explore a wide range of councils, from old favourites like the United Nations Security Council, to exciting new ventures like The Chongqing Negotiations. Whether you’re completely new to MUN, or a veteran of the circuit, you’ll find something to love.

Individualised Committees

Apart from providing delegates with engaging debate topics and a wide variety of committees, HCCRI ensures the best possible delegate experience in our conference. Our topics and committees are carefully chosen and directed to offer each delegate unparalleled opportunities for individual involvement and development throughout the entire duration of our conference.

Well-Trained Staff

Unlike anywhere else, HCCRI places a special emphasis on selecting passionate and driven staffers to run our conference. These students have won gavels at both local and international conferences with years of combined experience as delegates, chairs and secretariat members. Our staffers work tirelessly to create a memorable and eventful conference for our delegates.