Hwa Chong Conflict Resolution & Inquiry VIII

Singapore’s premier high school and pre-university MUN conference
1st, 3rd and 4th June 2019

Dear Delegates, Teachers, Principals, and Future Diplomats,

With utmost sincerity, we invite you to the eighth edition of the flagship Hwa Chong Conflict Resolution & Inquiry (HCCRI) to be held on 1st, 3rd, and 4th June 2019. It is our privilege to be serving as the Secretaries-General of a conference that continuously embodies a tradition of excellence.

At HCCRI VIII, more than 200 students and faculty advisers from all across Singapore shall gather to deal with challenges of global significance. Together with more than 30 secretariat members and chairs, delegates will experience decision making on an international level, grapple with complex geopolitical tensions that have perplexed experts, and learn to make tough compromises as diplomats and negotiators. HCCRI has always attracted Singapore’s most promising young leaders, both experienced and new, and HCCRI VIII shall be no exception.

The theme of HCCRI VIII is “Against the Tide”. Ours is a time when geostrategic currents are rapidly undergoing unpredictable evolutions. We posit that it is more necessary than ever for today’s youth to familiarise themselves with innovative problem-solving. It is in this spirit that HCCRI aims to uniquely provide delegates with the exclusive opportunities to tackle intriguing questions and do something new altogether.

Our revolutionary take on our conference committees this year is also worth mentioning. Aside from the General Assembly, Committee for the Status of Women and United Nations Security Council, HCCRI VIII will premier the East Asia Summit and the Crisis Council: Singaporean Secret Societies. We are also proud to announce that HCCRI VIII shall be the first and only Singaporean Pre-University MUN conference ever to introduce a General Assembly VI (GA 6) Legal Committee.

As our most advanced committee, GA 6 (Legal Committee) represents our collective vision for a crucial paradigm shift. We aim to fundamentally alter the academic perspectives, vocabulary, and mechanisms of high school and pre-university MUN Conferences. We need to accommodate discussions that realistically immerse delegates not only in solving global problems, but also in the codification of international norms. As Singapore gradually becomes a key actor in issues of international law, HCCRI VIII sees the principle imperative for delegates to be given a chance to think in the capacities of lawyers and legal experts, and in doing so, meaningfully appreciate Singapore’s often difficult but necessary positions.

As for beginner delegates, fret not, for amidst the engaging debate, our conference aims to prepare you to scale new heights with our pre-conference training programme, well-written study guides and a nurturing chairing team.

It is our sincere wish that delegates can also forge meaningful friendships that last even after the closing ceremony and dinner. With an exceptionally committed secretariat and chair team and extremely engaging committees and topics, HCCRI VIII aims to be the most ambitious and fulfilling in the Singaporean high school and pre-university circuit yet.

In service,

Gabriel Yap & Alan Zhao